In this paper a Magnetorheological squeeze film damper (MR-SFD) has been modeled using two governing equations. Firstly, considering Bingham model for MR fluid (MRF), a hydrodynamic model has been presented. Secondly, a thermal model for the system has been modeled and used to calculate the temperature rise in the squeeze film and different damper’s components. Time and frequency domain analysis has been performed over a system consists of an unbalanced flexible rotor (FE model) mounted on a pair of MR-SFDs. Results show that the amplitude of rotor’s vibration is not a simple function of electrical current such that, increase in the current cannot guaranty decrease in the value of amplitude. The steady state response of rotor versus rotation velocity is presented for different values of electrical current, which show the effects of temperature and current on the steady state response of rotor.

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