Geothermal heat pumps with ground source heat exchangers have been widely used for heating and cooling homes as well as for domestic water heating. A study on a small house in Erbil-Iraq was conducted to assess energy savings when using GHPs with closed loop ground source heat exchangers as compared with air-to-air heat pumps. Local climate conditions and soil properties of Erbil located in the north of Iraq were used. The simulation was performed using TRNSYS-16 software. The results of this study show that we can reduce the energy used for heating and cooling by 39% during annual when using GHP. The simulation also showed that the average COP for heating is 2.9 and for cooling is 2.6 when using air to air heat pumps and the average COP for heating is 5.6 and 3.6 for cooling when using GHP. This reduction in energy reduces the CO2 emission as it reduces energy consumption.

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