RMPD®, which stands for Rapid Micro Product Development, is a family of technologies designed to generate with a parallel batch process, microstructures, microsystems and/or MEMS or MOEMS in a parallel batch process. Photo polymerized monomer, oligomere and hybrismaterial (sol-gel) polymerized with uv-light and generate the system. The technology’s 3D-CSP (tree dimensional chip sice packaging), RMPD®-multimat (volume specific material propertys), RMPD®-stick2 (mechanical parts directly to a foil, wafer and so on) and RMPD®-nanoface (surface roughness in sub-nm range) have since 1996 been key elements in this worldwide-patented family of technologies, which has allowed System in Packing SiP to develop into a virtually tool-free production process. Additive and parallel processes give these technologies a costefficient and customer oriented strategic direction.

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