The paper has presented the experimental result obtaining at recovery, treating and using of industrial waste from expandable polystyrene, under shaped of flakes and distortion grains, resulting from manufacturing of thermo and phonic-insulating panels by composite materials manufacturing. The recovering process of waste has done by grinding and mechanical breakage of flakes and grains from expandable polystyrene by disintegrate machines or mills with rotor and cutters with higher spindle speeds. The recovering has realized by using the retrieval as reinforced in composition of lightweight composite materials with matrix from air binding on base of alpha-plaster for modeling. The new material resulted is characterized from small density, great porosity, good mechanical strength and could be used with success in orthopedic technique, or for manufacturing of phonic and thermo insulating panels. The breakage expandable polystyrene had irradiated in air with gamma ray by radioactive isotopes of 137C and 60Co at experimental dozes can be uses as added in therapeutically mud for non-conventional treatment of some rheumatic disorders. This technical paper has presented some receipts of composite materials on base of alpha-plaster for modeling and reinforced expandable polystyrene, which have higher characteristics as lightweight and great porosity necessary for orthopedic gypsum, being use in dressing and orthopedic corsets. These materials are very accessible as cost price, assuring a better respiration of skin and lower pressure about weak organs subjected orthopedic treatment, improving patient’s comfort.

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