Large structure such as container crane is small amount manufacturing and made for order. A lot of designers must work cooperatively to bring it to success as early as it is needed. Besides, collecting and identifying customers’ needs and understanding their idea are essential tasks in the development process. In this paper, a 3D parametric design system based on hybrid pattern of Client/Server and Browser/Server is introduced to achieve the coordination between the design team and close communication with the customers. In Client/Server architecture, a framework is presented to support integration of CAD/CAE. The effective management of mail and message can ensure swift, safe and effective communication between designers and avoid useless working and wrong result. Based on the top-down design method, skeleton model, technologies of parametric 3D modeling, finite element analysis, integrated CAD/CAE and engineering database, the CAD platform of 3D parametric model family for crane design is set up. That let the cooperation of the design team possible. In Browser/Server architecture, standard Internet Explores act as the browsers, which will exchange the desired information as well as dynamically display the CAD models in VRML format according to request.

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