Virtual laboratory of pneumatic and electro pneumatic systems will be used for learning of pneumatic and electro pneumatic schemes design principles. Rapid changeable conditions on labour market are on one side connected with international countries integration and on the other side the conditions are connected with rapid technological development. These changeable conditions are so creating new pressure to the employee competitions. Labour power is an important development aspect of present day informatics society. This importance can be found on firm level as well as in global economic development use. Labours which are suitable and high qualified for these conditions can be found in groups of university educated graduates. Especially we are talking about graduates of economy and technical universities. This kind of graduates is very required on the labour market. Researches operating about employers requirements and also operating about student opinions to the university training are indicating that teaching schedules and education process are not creating for praxis requirements. That mean, that universities have to teach special practical knowledge and skills re-bound to the praxis and its needs.

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