The main features and general structures of two distant learning modules within geographical information science for vocational training are presented in this paper. “European Level Developments of Flexible Learning Models within Geographical Information Science (GIS) for Vocational Training (E-GIS)” was a pilot project under the Leonardo de Vinci Community action Programme on vocational training, within Geographical Information Science (GIS), to be implemented over a three year period, 2002–05. The project will be continued in 2008–2009 under the abbreviation eGIS+. The main objectives of the project is to establish co-operation between European Universities and GIS user organisations and to develop modularised courses intended for Internet based learning, establish links of communications between the partners in the project in order to disseminate and share “best practices” in different teaching situations and for different types of students. The course modules to be developed, all together, will constitute a one-year programme within GIS. This project mainly targets full time students, private and civil service employees within the European Union, but also similar categories in non-EU countries. The outcomes of the project is high level content, new net-based pedagogic method suited for accessing target groups of great diversity as regards pedagogic traditions, access to computers and bandwidth. Cooperation between the institutions will, certainly, give higher level courses than the individual institutions could possibly themselves. “Training of Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructure managers” is a project supported by European Union Structural Funds and National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania Republic. The main objective of the proposed geographic information e-training system is to develop and provide the modularised Spatial Information Infrastructure courses intended for on-line based learning. This mainly will target employees of civil service and private business in Lithuania and European Union. Proposed curriculum is a set of modular courses adding up to 1.5-year part-time studies in the field of Geographic Information Science and Geographic Information Infrastructure.

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