1. Heavy Water application. 2. Heavy Water technology. 3. Isotope exchange installation- piping systems characterstics. 3.1. Piping systems characteristics: (a) crack-inducing corrosion in wet and gaseous hydrogen sulphide medium. (b) selection of a higher nominal pressure than the normal pressure for pipe classes. (c) minimization of flanged pipe joints. (d) provision of piping systems selfcompensation in case that lenticular pipe expansion loops can not be used. (e) use of spiral-wound gaskets for all the piping systems flanged connections. 3.2. Piping-equipment system interaction. 3.2.1. Severe limitation of the loads in the piping systems-equipments joints. 3.2.2. Use of constant elastic supports to protect the piping systems associated equipment nozzles. 3.3. Bearing range. 4. Today objectives: to extend the predicted service-life of the piping systems. 5. Nomenclature. 6. References.

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