In the present study, the effect of initial winding angle, and the starting edge of the winding operation on the variation of the thickness, stiffness coefficients and undamped free vibration characteristics of filament wound composite shells of revolution are investigated. Filaments are assumed to be placed along the geodesic fiber path on the surface of the shell of revolution resulting in the variation of the stiffness coefficients and thickness along the axis of the composite shell of revolution with general meridional curvature. The study is performed by a semi-analytical solution method which exploits the combination of the numerical integration technique, and a modified frequency trial method. The governing shell of revolution equations comprise the full anisotropic form of the constitutive relations, including first order transverse shear deformation, and all components of translatory and rotary inertia. Results are obtained for conical and spherical shells of revolution manufactured by the filament winding process, and the effect of the winding pattern on the vibration characteristics of shells of revolution is investigated thoroughly.

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