The purpose of this research is to enhance the methods used in biomechanical rehabilitation by combining virtual reality, motion capture and biofeedback instrumentation. During training the subject is wearing a head-mounted helmet, in which virtual tasks (i.e. motions) are displayed to him. During training, the patient is asked to follow target motions which are displayed to him and match his own movement to them. During training the patient kinematics and electromyograms (E.M.G.) signals are being tracked by Vicon Motion tracking system. We use an intelligent learning system to learn, on-line patient performance. For training, we use kinematics and electromyogram data provided by the Vicon motion system. Once trained, the system changes and adapts the tasked displayed to the subject for better patient-specific neuromuscular rehabilitation. Moreover, the system creates a more entertaining environment also resulting in a more efficient physiotherapy in adults and especially in pediatric. Besides physiotherapy, this system can be used in other applications, such as performance enhancement in sports training and as an educational tool in any application requiring precise movement and coordination.

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