In the present study, the nonlinear dynamic response of clamped immovable oval cylindrical shells subjected to radial harmonic excitation in the spectral neighborhood of the free vibration frequency is investigated. The formulation is based on the first order shear deformation theory. Geometric nonlinearity is inducted in the formulation considering moderately large deformation effects employing the Sanders type kinematic relations. Governing equations are discretized in space and time domains, respectively, employing computationally efficient finite-strip method and Newmark time marching scheme. Resulting nonlinear algebraic equations are solved using Newton-Raphson iterative technique. A detailed parametric study is conducted to bring out the influence of ovality parameter on the nonlinear vibration characteristics of different modes of vibrations of isotropic and angle-ply oval shells. For isotropic oval shells, it is observed that moderately oval shells show softening type nonlinearity whereas shells of large ovality show hardening type nonlinearity. The response of oval shells with large ovality reveals different temporal variation near to the semi-major axis region compared to that in the semi-minor axis region.

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