In these days the increasing of cutting speed (decreasing of main cutting time) has no majority influence to the productivity increasing. For this reason we have to short additional times what has important influence mainly by repeated operations. Additional times shortening is one of main conditions used for productivity increasing and by decreasing of manufacturing costs. One possibility how to short additional times is use optimal clamping device, as well as automation of clamping operations. Using of proper clamping device will lead to the quality and productivity increasing as well as to the decreasing of manufacturing costs. Development of new generation manufacturing machines and manufacturing systems needs, that this kinds of machines have to be equipped by proper clamping devices. That why clamping fixtures are developing together with manufacturing machines. Such developed fixtures can be used also in manufacturing systems with high repeatability of production baths, but they are mainly assigned for one piece manufacture, for clamping of more complicated pieces. Intelligent fixtures are different from classical fixtures not only by its design, but also by its properties. Its development is connected with its design and designing of higher generation machines.

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