The interaction of computer aided design and 3D visualization techniques, as well as that of finite elements calculation techniques, has in this past decade speed up the process of product development by almost one unit measure. The possibility to anticipate physical problems through virtual reality has reduced the number of corrections and modifications that had to be made due to unforeseen behaviour. This in turn has allowed companies to refine the quality and performance of their products. Altair Engineering, being a software developer as well as a user of such software, is one of the major supporters of simulation technology and computer assisted product engineering methods. In developing Enterprise Solutions engineering software one must take into account the following criteria: • The speed at which results can be obtained; • The reliability of the results; • The time necessary to prepare inputs; • The time necessary to analyze results; • The way to store the results, make them available and communicate them. All of the above criteria can be subject to optimization in the most general sense of the word: obtaining the best results in the least time and minimum use of resources.

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