In China, the national engineering and technology view has great influences on formulating and executing all kinds of engineering and technology developing strategies, policies and plans. The People’s Republic of China has been founded for more than 50 years. During this period Chinese science and technology, economy and society have gained remarkable changes, yet, there were many frustrations and backslides in the progress of development either. The evolution of engineering and technology view in P. R. China is characterized by “period”. This kind of “period” is correlated tightly with the political and economic conditions home and abroad, reflecting the ideologies of different period, and plays a very important role on the direction, scale and speed of the development of engineering and technology in each period. This paper divided the engineering and technology view into 6 periods from the foundation of P.R. China, analyzed them periodically according to cases and statistical data, and compared them. Finally, this paper carried on a further discussion and prediction on the engineering and technology view of the new century.

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