There are two basic methods of forming the face spiroid gears. The first one, well known, is based on cutting the gear with multi-point cutting tool on the gear hobbing machine. The second method is based on machining with single-point cutting tool applying continuous indexing on universal NC machine tool and with application of NC rotary table. The second method is recommended for piece production because of the simple, cheap and universal cutting tool. There is also known the method of forming the face gears with involute tooth line obtained by machining with the inclined tool axis in relation to the face surface of the gear. The methods of forming face toothing in spiroid gear with the tool axis parallel to gear surface (according to author’s proposal) has been presented in the article. In this method the tool axis is located against the machined wheel at the same position as the worm is located in the gear and this is the greatest advantage of this method. For both methods there have been elaborated special machining programs for four axis NC milling machine of FYN 50ND type, together with NC rotary table of FNd-400 type. Then the obtained gears have been tested and investigated. Three types of such gears have been investigated, all of them with ratio 1:90. Two versions of the face spiroid gears have been assembled in the rotary table and then positioning accuracy has been measured. Additionally, for comparison reasons, the double pitch worm gear has been investigated using the same measuring instruments. There have been presented the chosen accuracy investigation of the gears in the range of one full rotation of the spiroid wheel that is connected with table disc (measurement by 4°) and in the range of two worm rotations (measurement by 0,1°) General evaluation of the chosen methods concerning the manufacturing of the face wheels in spiroid gears has been presented too. The data have been obtained from literature and from author’s own researches.

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