The new type of mechanisms — the variable structure mechanisms (VSM) possess a unique possibility of rapid and practically instantaneous transformation of the motion law of actuating link under influence of insignificant non-force displacement of one of the kinematical elements without breaking up the entire kinematical chain. The main feature of VSM is in its ability to fulfill two and more laws of motion by output link. The change of motion law for lever mechanisms occurs without disruption in the kinematical chain and thus enables to expend less effort and time. Whereas the couplings, brakes and other power impact elements control the block of interacting mechanisms till now, this results in disruption of entire kinematical chain. A considerable part of power will be required to put these elements into action. This results in decrease of machine efficiency and, especially, extremely influences the machine parts’ durability. The variable structure mechanisms (VSM) exclude such supplementary operative power consumption elements.

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