In this study, the influence of crack conduction method on behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) frame under iterative high impact loading were experimented. To investigate the structural behavior through large deformations and progressive damage and to identify the failure modes, the falling weight and falling height were set more than the structural strength in elastic state. A comprehensive scheme which indicated influence of location of initial cracks on behavior and failure mode of structure was developed. Falling weight impact test was conducted on twenty-one laboratory scaled RC frames which were categorized in four series regard to considered scheme. Concrete volume and compressive strength, number of longitudinal and transverse rebar were constant factors in all specimens. Deformed shape and crack patterns, developed on the side surface of the RC frames, were sketched and total deflections vs. cumulative input energy of the RC girder were plotted. The results revealed the influence of crack conduction on improving the structural behavior and extending the endurance of RC frames against iterative high impact loading.

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