The simulation of the operating conditions of gears transmissions are strongly influenced so much by the unavoidable presence of several kind of errors or tolerances, manufacturing and assembly process, in kinematic simulation, as by the elastic deformations, in the contact zone under load and on the power transmission shafts, in dynamic simulation. As a result, the path of contact is shifted and the transmission errors arise increasing the dynamic overload and the level of noise and vibration. In this work is presented modeling and analysis of a power transmission system, considering the assembly conditions of the elements located on the shaft; as elements of support, bearings, and as power transmission elements, gears. After the modeling, performed considering the finite elements method, the stiffness analysis allows to study the deflection, longitudinal and angular, and the modal analysis the vibrations and critical speeds. The results allows to compare the magnitude of elastic deformations on the shaft, longitudinal and angular, opposite to the considered on the zone of contact under load, in the tooth contact analysis. Also the analysis can be extended opposed to other types of errors or tolerances considered in kinematic simulation.

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