It is well known that the pumps are the largest consumers of industrial motor energy and account for more than 25% of electricity consumption. The life cycle cost of a pump is the total lifetime cost associated with procurement, installation, operation, maintenance and its disposal. For majority of heavy usage pumps, the lifetime energy and/or maintenance cost will dominate the life cycle costs. Hence a greater understanding of all the cost components making up the total life cycle costs should provide an opportunity to achieve a substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs. This will further enable optimizing pumping system efficiency and improving pump and system reliability. Therefore in this context, the life cycle cost analysis of heavy usage pumps is quite important. This paper focuses on an application of a methodology of determining the life cycle cost of a typical heavy usage multistage centrifugal pump. In this case, all the cost components associated with the pump-set have been determined and classified under different categories. The data with regard to initial investment costs, operation costs, maintenance and repair costs and disposal costs for the pump considered for this case study was collected from the concerned pump manufacturer along with the unit cost of each component, quantity used and their weights. By applying the principles of reliability and maintainability engineering and using the data obtained from the design, manufacturing and maintenance departments, the component-wise values of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) were estimated. The results of the life cycle cost analysis of the specimen pump were compared with the life cycle costs of similar pumps reported in the literature. From this comparison of results, it can be concluded that, the initial cost of the pump is the only a fraction of the total life cycle cost. The operating cost of the pump dominates the life cycle costs especially in case of heavy usage pumps. The maintenance cost varies approximately from 0.6 to 2.5 times the initial cost of the pump. The life cycle cost of the pump varies approximately from 12 to 33 times the initial cost of the pump. The operation and maintenance cost is almost 92 to 97 per cent of the life cycle cost. The detailed analysis carried out in this paper is expected to provide guidelines to the pump manufactures/practicing engineers in selecting a heavy usage multistage centrifugal pump based on the total lifetime cost rather than only on initial price.

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