Numerical study of flow through random packing of non-overlapping spheres in a cylindrical geometry is investigated. Dimensionless pressure drop has been studied for a fluid through the porous media at moderate Reynolds numbers (based on pore permeability and interstitial fluid velocity), and numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations in three dimensional porous packed bed illustrated in excellent agreement with those reported by Macdonald [1979] in the range of Reynolds number studied. The results compare to the previous work (Soleymani et al., 2002) show more accurate conclusion because the problem of channeling in a duct geometry. By injection of solute into the system, the dispersivity over a wide range of flow rate has been investigated. It is shown that the lateral fluid dispersion coefficients can be calculated by comparing the concentration profiles of solute obtained by numerical simulations and those derived analytically by solving the macroscopic dispersion equation for the present geometry.

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