In the present study, the hydrodynamic behaviour of the submerging jet from nozzle in particular medium by determining the velocity profiles is presented. The experimental part is carried out on a 250 mm column filled with sand particles of 230 μm mean diameter and 2576 kg/m3 density. The central vertically ascending jet air is obtained from a nozzle with 15 mm diameter. Three different nozzles with lengths of 80 mm, 40 mm and 0 mm from above the distribution grid were used. The present work shows that the jet fundamental properties and the self similarity of the reduced velocity profiles remain constant in the process and its use in a solid particles bed favours fluidization phenomena. The self similarity of the reduced velocity profiles is thus an intrinsic property in the steady state flow of the jets in a particular medium, whatever the longitudinal axis, the length of the nozzle, the initial jet velocity and the bed state (aerated or fluidized).

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