Dentist, follow root canal therapy to treat teeth with pulpal involvement due to dental caries or as a result of trauma. In order to restore fractured and broken down teeth internal reinforcement is required in the form of a post-core restoration. The post extends into the root canal space and provides retention for the core, which subsequently helps to provide a foundation for the crown restoration. For the treatment procedure, post, core and crown are casted by an indirect procedure by taking the measurements from patient’s tooth in the form of impressions. These impressions are then converted into solid gypsum casts and then wax patterns are developed in order to facilitate casting by the lost wax technique. The final shape of the core and crown and success of the treatment entirely depends upon the skill of the dental technician and involves a number of variables in impressioning, cast poring and wax pattern fabrication. The treatment can be further simplified by making a prototype model of the post, core and the crown by taking the dimensions from the patient’s tooth. This paper presents four prototype models prepared from the solid model of the original tooth and three restored tooth.

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