This paper presents results of a research project which is carried out at the Technical University Munich, Germany. In this project the “CVT-Hybrid-Driveline” is designed, manufactured and investigated in close cooperation with OEM (GM Powertrain Europe) and suppliers (EPCOS AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and ZF SACHS AG). The focus is put on reduction of fuel consumption at low additional cost for hybrid components. The “CVT-Hybrid-Driveline” is a hybrid car driveline using Diesel-engine, electric motor with double layer capacitors and a CVT-type transmission. The driveline is assembled into an OPEL VECTRA vehicle for investigations on practical use of this hybrid system. In addition the driveline is installed at test rig for detailed investigations on consumption, energy flow and control system behavior. The concept is presented and explained in this document. Based on simulation of the hybrid system the drivability is shown for various situations of driving; fuel consumption of the CVT-Hybrid is evaluated and discussed both for standard cycle and for specific driving course.

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