In this paper a fuzzy power controller for a parallel hybrid passenger car is developed in order to minimize its fuel consumption and optimize its components efficiencies. This is done by controlling the engine operating points in its optimal region and maintaining the SoC of batteries and electric motor operating point at the highest possible efficiency. Of course the designed control strategy must be able to obey the driver’s commands and achieve the PNGV regulations. The controller implemented in this paper is a Mamdani fuzzy logic controller which takes the batteries SoC, electric motor’s speed, ICE speed and the total demanded torque as its input variables and gives the ICE torque as its output. This controller has been simulated using the ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR (ADVISOR) and its results have been compared to the default fuel mode fuzzy controller of ADVISOR. Simulation results show considerable improvement in the efficiency of the ICE and consequently, fuel consumption and acceleration performances.

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