A procedure for calculating and optimizing hypoid gear surface performance characteristics in the presence of the most typical errors associated with machining errors of the differential housing and assembly of gears is presented. Such errors that result in mounting or position errors of hypoid gears positioning are considered in optimization procedures and basic settings of Gleason machine. The goal of this paper is to consider machining and assembling errors of differential housing unique to a given typical manufacturing line so that conditions of optimized match between gears and the differential housing of that particular manufacturing line can be achieved. During this optimization, the condition of a predetermined contact situation up to the second-order, with optimization of third-order contact situation is considered. In order to check this calculation with other methods, the results were compared to the Gleason TCA program [1]. Moreover, practical experiments of contact pattern positioning errors on hypoid tooth surfaces with a Gleason 17A Hypoid Gear Tester are done and presented.

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