The paper discusses characterising features of the end-of-life vehicles EU regulation, with account of the process transparency and knowledge build-up, to tailor economic instruments with reverse logistics profitability. In the short future, these issues will affect the automotive market, and the recovery (reuse/recycle) targets will become competition prerequisites for the carmakers survival. For explanatory purposes, the investigation is especially limited to consider the dismantling facility, with, in foreground, facts and technicalities arising at local and regional scales, and, in background, the whole forward and backward supply chain and related logistics problems. The basic technicalities, leading to the build-up of the reference knowledge for the most effective setting of car-dismantling facilities, are explored by means of simulation results. These lead to consider to develop automotive systems with recovery in mind, according to the carmakers responsibility for the free-take-back of the end-of-life vehicles.

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