The preparation and physico-chemical characterization of mesoporous and microporous carbons, obtained via a casting procedure, from a SBA-15 silica and a commercial Na-Y zeolite, is reported. XRD spectra showed that ordered carbon replicas occur in all cases. Micro-Raman spectra showed that rather homogeneous powders are obtained, exhibiting the presence of a graphitized carbon phase of small imperfect graphene sheets, typical of sp2 C, along with an amorphous one, notwithstanding the relatively low temperature adopted during the carbonization processes (1173 K). N2 adsorption isotherms at 77 K allowed the determination of BET surface areas and pore volumes: on account of the high porosity and the low specific weight, with respect to zeolites, for example, these carbon materials could be promising media for hydrogen storage. They could be used as such, or after convenient functionalization or metal doping.

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