The development of the combustion chamber for 20kW gas turbine unit using kerosene type fuel has been undertaken keeping in view the basic requirements of a good combustion chamber, namely, high combustion efficiency, low pressure loss, smooth ignition, wide stability limits, size and shape compatible with engine envelop, low emissions of smoke, unburned fuel and gaseous pollutant species, durability and ease of maintenance. A sophisticated experimental test rig has then been developed to investigate over a wide range of air/fuel ratios for the temperature profiles at the few axial and liner wall locations of this combustion chamber. The range of overall air/fuel ratios considered varies from 22.7396 to 152.4 i.e. Rich Air/Fuel Mixture to Lean Air/Fuel Mixture Range. The temperature profiles for centerline and liner wall for eight different air/fuel ratios are summarized here. The two air/fuel ratios selected are near the designed value of 118.34. It could be concluded from the results that the air/fuel ratio of 122.106 gives the best results for centerline temperature and the liner wall temperature as well as the exit temperature profile. This is very near to the designed air/fuel ratio of 118.34. The temperatures of near 1400 °C achieved at the centerline of the combustion chamber and the liner wall temperatures in the range of 500 °C for lower air/fuel ratio and 300 °C for higher air/fuel ratio certainly ensures safe and reliable operation of this combustion chamber.

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