Incremental forming is nowadays increasing its presence in industry as a new but interesting process, especially for production of small batches or unique components. Anyway, relevant efforts have to be spent in order to reduce the typical incremental forming processes drawbacks that risk to belittle the high advantages in terms of costs and simplicity. In fact, the process duration, usually equal to several minutes even if the operations are carried out on high speed numerical controlled units, and a certain tendency to produce no precise parts, can reduce industrial interest about incremental forming. A possible strategy to reduce the latter item is the design of modified trajectories able to take into account both the springback effects and the stiffness reduction due to the particular clamping equipment. In this paper the above introduced strategy is pursued integrating an on-line measuring system, based on a digital inspector, and a CNC open program. The actual geometry is acquired in some remarkable points and a compensation routine modifies the coordinates of the future punch path. The modification policy has been developed by using an effective FE code. An experimental verification shows the good potentiality of the suggested methodology.

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