In this paper a novel approach to dynamic formulation of rovers has been presented. The complexity of these multi-body systems especially on rough terrain, challenged us to use the Kane’s method which has been preferred to others in these cases. As an example, symbolic equations of a six-wheeled rover, named CEDRA Rescue Robot which uses a shrimp like mechanism, have been derived and a simulation of forward and inverse dynamics has been presented. Due to the clear form of equations, each term defines a physical meaning which represents the effect of each parameter, resulting in a framework for performance comparison of rovers. Although the method has been described for a 2-D non-slipping case, it is also very useful for dimensional and dynamical optimization, high speed motion analysis, and checking various control algorithms. Furthermore, it can be extended to 3-D cases and other complicated mechanisms and rovers while conserving its inherent benefits and adding to it the easiness of handling nonholomonic constraints.

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