The aim of this research project is the extension of the shaping boundaries for the radial axial rolling of rings with an outer profile. Basis for this extension is the displacement of the ring from the longitudinal machine axis during the rolling process. This displacement causes a change of the deformation ratios for the benefit of the main roll, resulting in an improved material flow behaviour and thereby improving the profile filling of the ring. To enable the usage of this displacement approach the ring rolling machine located at the Chair of Production Systems had to be equipped with a displacement controller. To use the displacement without damaging the ring, the additional forces inflicted by the displacement have to be limited. Therefore a force controller is developed that calculates and sets the forces of the centering arms according to the current geometric and mechanical properties of the ring. Concluding to the theoretical development of the displacement and force controllers experimental rollings are presented that prove the capabilities of the controllers, the positive effects of the displacing and guidelines on how to set strategies for the displacement.

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