In this paper a numerical model is used to investigate the effect of the elasticity of the bearing in the pressure distribution in the lubricant and the stress distribution in the bearing. The lubricant film, as well as a bearing, including the lining and the backing of the insert, and the housing, are modeled using the general-purpose ANSYS®5.7 commercial Finite Element program. Results have been obtained for the pressure, radial displacement, hoop and von Mises stress distributions at the surface of the bearing, as well as for the shear stress distribution at the interface between the lining and the backing. A number of conclusions have been drawn regarding the relative significance of the steep pressure gradient at the end of the lubricated region on the hoop stresses that cause localized bending distortions at the surface of the lining. These localized bending distortions, in turn, are likely to cause fatigue failure of the lining.

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