Laser forming induces mechanical and structural modifications around the Laser Scanning Path. Various conventional methods are currently available to estimate properties of materials like X-ray and neutron diffraction, strain/curvature measurement, hole drilling, layer removal, chemical etching, etc. but their use is severely restricted due to measurement accuracy, applicability to different materials and geometrical configurations. An application of an experimental method to estimate mechanical properties associated with laser forming of metallic sheets is proposed. This method is based on an instrumented indentation technique which offers a more flexible tool to measure mechanical properties of Heat Affected Zone. The main advantage of this technique consists of testing complex geometric forms with a cheap system able to be used for on-line implementation. The experimental validation of the method was performed calibrating the procedure by using several indentation tests in standard condition. A full map of mechanical properties was subsequently traced employing systematic investigations focused on specimens zone closer to the laser heated scanning path.

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