There are many applications for solar energy from which the solar thermal utilization has received great consideration in the past decades. Among various solar systems, electricity generation is studied and several commercial plants around the world have been installed. In Iran for the first time an investigation is made to find possible applications of solar energy to construct the first 250 kW solar power plant in Shiraz. The plant is designed to generate electricity continuously to be feed to the national grid. For such plant a hybride-Rankine system which contains two cycles of hot oil and steam is selected. The collectors used are parabolic trough 25 m length, 3.4 m wide with 0.88 m focal length. Previous studies of the oil cycle and steam cycle is carried out for certain design conditions. Based on the limitation of construction, it was found that a new simulation is needed to find out the effect of heat exchangers performances on the overall power plant electricity generation rate. Regarding new conditions, the daily and yearly performance of the power plant is determined and results are compared with initial analysis. It is found that the system performances can be improved with new set point design conditions.

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