In the current study, the thermal characteristics of a latent heat thermal energy storage system enhanced with annular and radial fins are investigated experimentally. Rubitherm RT-55 is used as the phase change material (PCM) and is enclosed within a vertical cylindrical container. Water is used as the heat transfer fluid (HTF) which is circulated in a copper pipe that passes through the center of the container. The hot HTF is circulated through the system until the entire mass of solid PCM inside the container is melted. Twelve k-type thermocouples are inserted into the container at different levels to monitor the PCM temperature during the charging processes. A thermal imaging camera is used to take thermal images of the latent heat thermal energy system as it operates. The effects of different number of annular and radial fins attached to the central pipe on the thermal performance of the latent heat thermal energy storage system during the charging processes have been studied. It was found that the inclusion of 10 and 20 annular fins decreased the charging time by 79.5% and 82.8%, respectively. The two radial fin designs of 4 fins and 8 fins were assessed and found to decrease charging time by 81.9% and 86.6%, respectively.

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