The performance of air conditioning systems is highly dependent on the environmental conditions of the high pressure side, where heat is rejected to the environment. Air conditioning systems utilize dry cooling systems which often don’t provide adequate cooling during peak cooling periods, or wet cooling systems which consume a lot of water. In this study, a novel hybrid cooling system that can provide both wet and dry cooling was modelled in TRNSYS, and used to provide cooling to closed sorption air conditioning systems. The performance of these systems with the hybrid cooling system was compared to the performance of a standard vapor compression cooling system being cooled by a dry cooling system. The COPsol of the vapor compression cooling system exhibited a decrease of almost 26% during the summer period, whereas the COPsol of the sorption systems increased by around 30%. Similarly, the cooling capacity of the vapor compression cooling system dropped by almost 5%, and for the sorption systems, it increased by around 20% during the summer period.

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