The design of, and preliminary on-sun tests on, an 8 cm × 8 cm microchannel supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) receiver is presented. The receiver has a laminated design, wherein sheets of Haynes 230 nickel superalloy are patterned and diffusion bonded to form microscale flow passages. The microscale pattern is in the form of square pins with width and height of 500 μm and 200 μm respectively. The pins are arranged in an in-line pattern with respect to the flow direction. The longitudinal and transverse pitch ratios of the micro pin fins are identical and equal to two times the side width of the pillar. A sCO2 test facility is developed with the ability to supply sCO2 at 200 bar pressure and at temperatures between 300–500°C to the receiver inlet. The sCO2 facility is coupled to a seven meter diameter parabolic dish with a 25 kW rating and a concentration ratio of about 800. On-sun tests are performed at a receiver inlet pressure of 150 bar and a receiver inlet temperature between 110–130°C. Receiver and thermal efficiencies in excess of 0.91 and 0.96 respectively for the incident heat flux ranging from 8 to 80 W/cm2, and average surface temperatures ranging from 150–550°C are obtained in these experiments.

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