Recent developments in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model have made it possible to accurately approximate solar power through the implementation of WRF-Solar. This study couples the WRF-Solar module with a multilayer urban canopy and building energy model in New York City (NYC) to create a unified WRF forecasting model called uWRF-Solar. Hourly time resolution forecasts are validated against ground station data collected at eight different sites. The validation is carried out independently for two different sky conditions: clear and cloudy. Results indicate that the uWRF-Solar model can forecast solar irradiance considerably well for the global horizontal irradiance (GHI) with an R squared value of 0.93 for clear sky conditions and 0.76 for cloudy sky conditions. Results are further used to directly forecast solar power production in the NYC region, where a power evaluation is done at a city scale. The outputs show a gradient of power generation produced by the potential available solar energy on the entire uWRF-Solar grid. In total, for the month of July 2016, NYC had a city PV potential of 233 kW/day/m2 and 7.25 MWh/month/m2.

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