Portland General Electric’s (PGE) Boardman plant is a nominal 600 megawatt (MW) coal fired unit that burns sub-bituminous Powder River Basin (PRB) coal from Wyoming. This paper will cover the experience and results of PGE’s Boardman plant operating on 100% torrefied wood (TW) pellets at 255 MW consuming almost 5000 tons of pellets. Results were positive and include suitable handing after inclement weathering for months. Pulverizers were able to handle the TW pellets with adjustments, resulting in near 100% combustion efficiency. Particulates were controlled with an electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Topics investigated include torrefied wood production, fuel handling and storage on the front end of the test. Fuel handling, pulverization, combustion, emissions, and ESP performance were monitored during the test and are reported here. Several one mill tests were conducted prior to the 100% test to evaluate and improve mill performance. This test showed that a pulverized coal (PC) boiler can operate on 100% TW fuel with minimal operational changes.

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