Hydro power has always been a major source of electricity generation among different renewable energy technologies. However, due to the construction of dams, the conventional hydro energy extraction techniques cause disturbance to the ecology by diverting the natural flow of water and migrating population from their native land. Of late, energy extraction from the natural flow of water is considered as potential source of renewable power since it is clean and reliable. In view of this, the present study deals with the development and performance characterization of a vertical-axis helical-bladed hydrokinetic turbine. Considering the various design parameters, a NACA 0020 bladed vertical-axis turbine of solidity ratio 0.38 and aspect ratio 1.0 has been developed. In-situ experiments have been carried out at an irrigation sluice having a water velocity of 1.1 m/s. Further, its performance characteristics are evaluated at different mechanical loading conditions with the help of a mechanical dynamometer. It has been observed that the developed helical-bladed turbine demonstrates a peak power coefficient of 0.16 at a tip-speed ratio of 0.85. The present experimental investigation has clearly demonstrated the usefulness of the hydrokinetic turbine. It has also been logged that the average water velocity at the concerned site has a great importance on the turbine design.

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