Solar thermal energy is considered one of the most promising renewable energy resources, especially for high intensive solar radiation locations, such as Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there is a need to assess the performance of one potential dominant solar thermal energy technology that can be applied in Saudi Arabia, which is Solar Chimney Power Plant (SCPP). SCPP is guided through natural draft utilizing solar radiant energy to impart ascending thrust to the flow of air and therefore, transforming the radiant energy to run the turbine. This paper presents the exergy analysis of the assumed model of the SCPP and presents its performance for Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, as an illustrative of the exergy model developed. The modeling was validated against published data. The tower height is 195 m and the collector diameter is 240 m. The tower can produce, on average, around 123kW during daytime and has, on average, air mass flow rate of around 160 kg/s. The exergetic efficiency was found to be around 0.45%.

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