A rechargeable personal air-conditioning (RPAC) device was developed to provide an improved thermal comfort level for individuals in inadequately cooled environments. This device is a battery powered air-conditioning system with the phase change material (PCM) for heat storage. The condenser heat is stored in the PCM during the cooling operation and is discharged while the battery is charged by using the vapor compression cycle as a thermosiphon loop. The conditioned air is discharged towards a single person through adjustable nozzle. The main focus of the current research was on the development of the cooling system. A 100 W cooling capacity prototype was designed, built, and tested. The cooling capacity of the vapor compression cycle measured was 165.6 W. The PCM was recharged in nearly 8 hours under thermosiphon mode. When this device is used in the controlled built environment, the thermostat setting can be increased so that building air conditioning energy can be saved by about 5–10%.

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