A large solar hot water system can be utilized to provide driving energy for heating system, heat-driven cooling system, as well as to provide hot water. This research addresses the effects of the storage tank design parameters on the performance of a large-scale solar hot water system with a horizontal storage tank. Most literatures only considered the stratification performance of the thermal storage tank itself instead of considering the overall system performance. Also, there is lack of experimental research data available for the design purpose. Therefore, this study employs a numerical simulation technique to study the design parameters effect of a horizontal thermal storage tank on the performance of a large-scale solar hot water system. In this study, the ANSYS-CFX program is employed to calculate the flow and temperature distributions inside horizontal thermal storage tank. Then the inlets and outlets of the tank are combined with the TRNSYS program to simulate the entire system performance under the weather of three representative cities of Taiwan, (Taipei, Taichung and, Kaohsiung). The results of the present study indicate that the vertical stratification baffles in the tank have important effects on system performance improvement. Quantitative increase of solar fraction of the total load is obtained. The comparison with the system with vertical storage tank is provided. The results of the present study can provide important reference for the large solar hot water system design in improving system efficiency.

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