In ejector refrigeration cycles, ejector working fluids include various refrigerants with different properties. In some cases, ejector works with mixture of two different refrigerants; that each refrigerant have distinct properties. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the performance of an ejector used for suction of a mixture of air and water vapor. In this regard, the ejector performance was numerically studied under the operating condition that a mixture of air and steam with variable mass fractions, were sucked into the ejector. With the help of numerical simulation, various conditions for two perfect gas streams of air and water vapor were investigated. Initially, the numerical simulation was carried out for the case that pure water vapor was considered as the working fluid of ejector. After validation of initial case with experimental data, numerical method was expanded for a specific case that, water vapor was considered as the working fluid of motive flow and a mixture of air and water vapor was considered for suction flow. Numerical simulations were done for different mass fraction of air and water vapor for suction flow mixture. Results indicated that, variations of the mass fraction of air in suction flow, leads to obvious changes in ejector performance. Also, it was observed that the increment of suction flow pressure, leads to increment of the ejector performance sensitivity to variations of suction flow mass fraction.

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