The thermal performance of building materials used in Colombia is not currently characterized, which is essential to obtain the necessary information for an architectural design based on energy efficiency. The determination of materials thermal properties, as well as thermal and energy performance of building materials commonly used in Colombia are the main challenges for this research. The proposed methodology implies the experimental determination of the different materials thermal properties through the design and construction of an experimental device capable to accommodate different materials configurations. This will allow us to obtain relevant information to develop the government’s energy standards for quality building materials and quality policies for private companies. Among others are included: the Environmental Seal for Sustainable Building, which is currently being developed by the Colombian Council of Sustainable Building (CCCS); the Colombian standard for thermal systems applications in buildings (RITE) currently being developed by the Colombian Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACAIRE); and policies for national sustainable buildings that were included in the National Development Plan 2010–2014 and 2015–2019.

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