REopt is an energy planning platform offering concurrent, multiple technology integration and optimization capabilities to help clients meet their cost savings and energy performance goals. The REopt platform provides techno-economic decision support analysis throughout the energy planning process, from agency-level screening and macro planning to project development to energy asset operation. REopt employs an integrated approach to optimizing the energy costs of a site by considering electricity and thermal consumption, resource availability, complex tariff structures including time-of-use, demand and export rates, incentives, net metering, and interconnection limits. Formulated as a mixed integer linear program, REopt recommends an optimally sized mix of conventional and renewable energy, and energy storage technologies; estimates the net present value associated with implementing those technologies; and provides the cost-optimal dispatch strategy for operating them at maximum economic efficiency. The REopt platform can be customized to address a variety of energy optimization scenarios including policy, microgrid, and operational energy applications. This paper presents the REopt techno-economic model along with two examples of recently completed analysis projects.

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