Energy Crisis and Environment Balance have been occupying a leading position internationally in both, the sociopolitical arena and technological developments. A developing country like India is under dual pressure to provide economic prosperity to its burgeoning population while maintaining the energy-environment balance. Current challenging situation is a good opportunity to develop products and systems which not only provide customer satisfaction at competitive prices but also does it in a sustainable, resource-friendly way. This paper outlines a proposal to set up a Research Park in an academic institute with the theme of Sustainability in HVAC field. The idea is to collaborate with the industry and association partners so that the students and faculty together can work on joint R & D projects which ultimately will result into innovative energy-saving and environment-friendly technological products and systems. The metric on which the Research Park will base its output target is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through a multi-pronged approach. In this paper, a baseline of annual energy consumption by the HVAC sector in India has been drawn which works out to 137,026 GWh translating into 123.32 Million Metric Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

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