With the process acceleration of China’s energy conservation and the full development of the market economy, the environmental protection is to coexist with the power plants’ benefits for thermal power plants. Relative to the traditional mode named “determining power by heat”, it is not adequate that the heating demand is only to be met, the maximizations of economy benefits and social benefits are also demanded. At present, several large-scale central heating modes are proposed by domestic and foreign scholars, such as the parallel arrangement and series arrangement of heating system for the traditional heating units and NCB heating units (NCB heating unit is a new condensing-extraction-backpressure steam turbine and used to generate the power and heat, it has the function of extraction heating turbine at constant power, back pressure turbine or extraction and back pressure heating turbine and extraction condensing heating turbine.), and running mode with heating units and absorbed heat pumps, and so on. Compare and analyze their heating efficiency, heating load, heating area, power generation, and the impact on the environment. The best heating mode can be found under the different boundary conditions, it can be used to instruct the further work. The energy utilization efficiency will be further improved.

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