Because of the performance of the power generation equipment is almost perfect, how to integrate the thermally-activated technologies and use the waste heat deeply are a critical issue for CCHP (Combined cooling heating and power) system. According to the characteristics of a typical end user’s demands, a CCHP system with the flue gas and geothermal energy is proposed. The system is composed of an internal combustion engine, a soil source absorption heat pump driven by the flue gas, and other assistant facilities, such as pumps, fans, and end user devices. In the winter, the flue gas is used to drive absorption heat pump to recover the waste heat of the soil source and the condensation heat of the flue gas simultaneously, and in the summer, the waste heat of the flue gas is used to drive absorption heat pump to cooling, and the heat sink is the soil. In the paper, the energy analysis of the system is done. Compared with the conventional CCHP system, the operation cost is lowered greatly and the increased investment could be returned within one year. It is show that the system is the efficient integration of clean energy, renewable energy, the discharge of the flue gas could be reduced to below 30°C, and the water steam could be catch to avoid the white smoke of the stack.

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