A study of the state of solar energy development in Taiwan has been performed. In this work, general energy use, solar research issues, and solar manufacturing status and applications were surveyed in late 2011. It was found that there are active research efforts underway in a variety of solar technologies, primarily in photovoltaics, and to a limited extent in solar domestic water heating. Significant manufacturing capabilities in photovoltaic cells have developed within the last decade, and this has grown rapidly, such that Taiwan has edged out Germany for the number two spot in the list of top manufacturers. Very little in the line of photovoltaic installations are found on the island, however. Another characteristic in terms of solar water heating manufacturing and application is that not much is found in Taiwan in contrast to what has taken place on the mainland of China. Some government efforts to stimulate the Taiwanese consumer market both in photovoltaics as well as water heating are outlined, but goals for the PV installations seem overly optimistic based upon recent history.

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